How To Use A YouTube Video Or Music As An Alarm On Android Or IPhone Mobile?

How To Use A YouTube Video Or Music As An Alarm On Android Or IPhone Mobile?

Use A YouTube Video Or Music As An Alarm : Isn’t it true that the use of smartphones in these times has changed a lot of customs ? Depending on how old you are, chances are you’ve used an alarm clock before . 

Everything was quite different before cell phones broke in with all their technology , enhancing their characteristic of being smartphones like never before . Most of the people use their mobile for the action of waking up every morning . Therefore, in this post , we will tell you how to use a YouTube video or music as an alarm on your Android or iPhone mobile. 

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If you are a fan of listening to music and videos that are released all the time on YouTube , you will be very interested in this article. Because we are going to give you practical advice so that that YouTube video or music that you like so much, be the alarm on your mobile . And this is regardless of whether you have an Android or iPhone model . 

We will tell you step by step how to select a video from the popular social network , the one that was initially famous for “having images of kittens” and today is synonymous with music, and set it as an alarm .

In order to be able to use this procedure, it is important that you are subscribed to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music , and have the App downloaded and installed on your mobile. 

Having YouTube on your Android or iPhone device will have the ability to pair with the Clock app , the one you use to set your alarms. 

Use A YouTube Video As An Alarm On Your Android Phone

As we have explained, you need to be registered with YouTube Music and have the application installed on your device . Solved that, you will only have to follow the step by step that we indicate below , so that the alarm of your android can be through the music of YouTube: 

Go to the Clock application of your Android mobile 

Among all the alternatives that are offered to you, choose the Alarm option 

You will be redirected to the alarm clock settings 

It is time for you to select a certain time (depends on what you want that alarm to sound for) 

Within the different configuration alternatives , choose Alarm sound (You can choose between: 1- Mobile sounds, 2- YouTube Music, 3- Spotify 

  • In this case, you have to choose, obviously, YouTube Music 
  • The next step, you will be offered suggestions, based on the views you make most consistently on YouTube 
  • It is time for you to choose your favorite song , or go to the search engine and look for something specific 
  • After performing this action, your alarm will be configured with the song that you have chosen 
  • It is an absolutely easy process , which will even allow you to delete the search history on your Android mobile if you want to record new songs. 

Use a YouTube video as an alarm for your iPhone mobile 

For this action, the same thing happens as on an Android device, and it is essential that you have a YouTube Premium or YouTube Music account. 

As an addition, you have to have an application called Workflow on your iPhone , which will be perfect and necessary to help you download YouTube videos and set them as an alarm. 

These are the instructions for you to download a video from the social network and set it as an alarm on your iPhone : 

  • Enter the YouTube App that you have on your iPhone, and select the video you want to download 
  • Click Share and then More , and you will see a menu that is suitable for sharing on the iOS operating system 
  • You must click on the Run Workflow option and select YouTube Workflow 
  • At that time, the download will start automatically 
  • At the end, you must save the video on your iPhone 
  • Once the download is done, go to the Clock App 
  • You can set an alarm at the time you want 
  • Go to Alarm tone 
  • Proceed to find the video you have downloaded from YouTube , and select it as the default for the alarm 

And that way, you will have already selected that song or video to be your alarm 

Have you seen that the procedure is very simple ? You even have the possibility to edit a YouTube video in just a few steps. 

From now on, having read this post, you already know how to use your YouTube music as an alarm clock on your Android or iPhone mobile. You can enjoy your favorite songs to wake up !

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