How To Choose A Wireless TV Headset?

How To Choose A Wireless TV Headset?

Choose A Wireless TV Headset :The wireless TV audio headset is a headset that has many advantages in several cases. At first, it allows above all to watch a film without disturbing those around you. Moreover, many users see this type of headset as a better prospect for ensuring complete isolation with quality sound reproduction unlike the television . 

For people who are hard of hearing, this headset proves to be an effective way to enjoy their favorite film by adapting the volume to their needs. Apart from its main function, the wireless headphones also allow everyone to listen to music while taking care of household chores. And showing great versatility, some models are even suitable for gaming.

It is important to know that wireless TV headsets come in a wide range of models and brands. And choosing one involves sorting through the wide range of models that the market offers. To successfully identify the model that will meet your expectations, we advise you to base your choice on taking into account these few criteria:

The Design Of Wireless TV Headphones

Even if it is a headset intended for home use , the design remains an important selection criterion. In order to benefit from unparalleled sound reproduction, it would be wiser to turn to a closed circum-auricular type model. In this way, you will be isolated from surrounding noise. Some models can be oriented at an angle of 90°, which is also very practical. On the aesthetic side, models with well thought out finishes and a futuristic look are very trendy.

The Wireless Technology Of A TV Headset

As a second selection criterion, there is the wireless technology of the headphones . In this regard, you will have the choice between infrared technology, radio and Bluetooth. Whichever technology you choose, pay attention to the range of the headset. The waves emitted must be able to pass through walls, ceilings and furniture without compressing the signal. As an indication, a radio wireless technology is capable of reaching a range of 100 m.

Helmet options

Do you want to have a high-performance wireless TV headset ? In this case, the options of the latter are important. Prefer a model that is adorned above all with a noise reduction system. In this way, even if you find yourself in a noisy environment, you will always be isolated in your bubble. Then we also recommend wireless headphones with a built-in microphone. This way if someone calls you, you can answer directly.

The comfort of a wireless TV headset

The comfort of use must always be at the rendezvous whatever the model chosen. At first, a wireless TV headset with a battery that offers more than 10 hours of autonomy will be more pleasant to use. Then, at the level of the ear cups, we advise you to turn to a helmet that is padded with memory foam. This material is breathable, cozy and does not heat up.

How To Use Wireless TV Headphones?


Wireless TV headphones are the best alternative for quietly enjoying your favorite shows without being disturbed by surrounding noise. It is also very practical by offering you great freedom in your movements without being disturbed by the cables. 

And as these headphones are very versatile, you can use them to listen to your favorite playlists from your phone. But in order to take full advantage of your wireless headphones , take care to follow these few precautions to the letter.

Wireless TV headset compatibility

First and foremost, to make sure the headphones work well with your TV, check their compatibility. If the TV post is equipped with a Bluetooth connector, turn it on and connect it with headphones. On the other hand, if the television post does not have a bluetooth connection, make sure to properly connect the headphones with the audio output system of the television.

Settings for a Bluetooth TV headset

In terms of adjustment, take care to adjust the headband to your head in order to benefit from better insulation. If the wireless TV headset has ambient noise reduction technology , turn it on. Also take care to calibrate the volume so that the sound reproduction is up to your needs. Then, test the range of the model and check if the interference is not compressed by the presence of a concrete wall or too bulky furniture.

Helmet maintenance

In terms of maintenance, be aware that audio headsets are real breeding grounds for bacteria. So, it is imperative that after each use, the helmet is cleaned properly. Additional maintenance consists of polishing the structure of the helmet with alcohol. But in the long run, if you notice that the ear cups are invaded by dust, remove the foam and wash it with pH neutral soap. Once done, let it dry before putting it back in place. Be aware that regular maintenance of your wireless TV headphones will allow you to keep all the aesthetic appearance of your headphones.

Like wireless headphones intended for listening to music via smartphone or PC, wireless TV headphones are based on the same principle. It works thanks to a wireless technology system that connects it directly with the platform. Its biggest advantage is that it allows you to be free in your movements. By watching TV, you can do your household chores and even cook if you want without missing everything that happens on the show.

What Are The Different Wireless Technologies?

When we talk about wireless technology for TV headphones , you will distinguish between radio wave, bluetooth and infrared transmission. For infrared technology, the transmission is done by a beam of light whose range is limited to about ten meters. For radio transmission, you will find UHF radio waves and 24 Ghz waves. Of the two, 2.4 Ghz radio waves are the most innovative and powerful. Helmets equipped with this state-of-the-art technology have a range of at least 100 meters. Finally, with regard to transmission by Bluetooth, the range varies from 20 to 30 meters.

Is it possible to connect the wireless headphones with the TV?

Yes it is possible to connect the headphones with the post television if the latter is adorned with a cable to facilitate the connection. Just plug it in afterwards, with the outputs present on the TV. These are located at the back of the device. It is nevertheless imperative to know that all televisions do not have the same output for cable. This is the reason why this criterion should not also be ignored at the time of purchase.

How to listen to TV with this type of headphones?

To listen to TV with this type of headset , there is nothing easier. Just connect the headphones with the TV post receiver and adjust the volume. If the TV is equipped with bluetooth or infrared connection, just pair the headphones. You can also use radio frequency headphones. The process remains the same: connect the charging base to a power supply and connect the device to the audio outputs of the television.

How much do wireless TV headphones cost?

In terms of price, be aware that each wireless headset is sold at a different price . This criterion will depend on several elements including the manufacturing brand, the wireless technology of the device, the options and the ergonomics. Generally, the price range is between 50 to 100 dollars. On the other hand, the most high-tech models, capable of meeting all the selection criteria, are sold for more than 160 dollars.

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