How Human Resources Department HR Department work

How Human Resources Department HR Department work

The human resources department is one of the most important in any company, especially when it is in a growth stage. In order to exploit its full potential, there are certain elementary functions that must be carried out within any organization.

Within the scope of the internal organization of the company, the human resources department is responsible for the management of the organization’s human resources, and is made up of a group of people who are organized in the company to achieve the following objectives : select and train the people that the company needs, provide workers with the necessary means so that they can carry out their work and try to ensure that the worker satisfies their needs.

1. Personnel Organization And Planning : 

It consists of planning the templates in accordance with the organization of the company, designing the appropriate jobs, defining functions and responsibilities, forecasting the needs of personnel in the medium and long term, analyzing the remuneration systems and internal promotion, among other tasks.

2. Recruitment : 

Are the set of procedures aimed at attracting competent candidates for a job in the company. These recruitment techniques can be internal, if they consist of attracting candidates from people who are part of the company’s staff, or external, if the candidates are people from outside the organization.

3. Selection : 

This function is very important, since one of the determining factors of the success of a business activity is the correct choice of the people who will work in the company. A complete analysis of everything that the candidate brings to the job must be carried out and for this he must go through a series of selection tests.

4. Career Plans And Professional Promotion

Staff development can be implemented through career plans; programs in which people can acquire the necessary experience to later be able to progress in the organization’s structure.

5. Training

The training of workers allows the company’s staff to adapt to the changes that occur in society, as well as to technological advances. In addition to adaptability to changes, the company must provide training for the specific task to be carried out within it based on its objectives and plans.

6. Evaluation Of The Performance And Control Of The Personnel

From human resources aspects such as absenteeism, overtime, staff movements, the age pyramid or labor relations must be controlled, in addition to correcting the mismatches between the skills of the worker and those required by the position.

7. Work Environment And Satisfaction : 

It is necessary to detect the level of satisfaction of the worker within the organization and the reasons for discontent, with the intention of applying corrective measures. One of the factors that has the greatest and best impact on achieving a good working environment is the reconciliation of work and family life.

8. Personnel Administration :

Consists of managing all the legal-administrative procedures that the company’s personnel involves, encompassed in areas such as the selection and formalization of contracts, processing of payroll and social security and control of the rights and duties of the worker .

9. Labor Relations :

It is about promoting communication between the company and its employees, using their interlocutors, who are the union representatives (works committees, personnel delegates or union representatives). These representatives must deal with the collective working conditions, such as the negotiation of collective agreements or conflicts that may arise in the company and their solutions.

10. Occupational Risk Prevention : 

The study of working conditions and associated occupational risks precede the implementation of prevention and protection measures, in order to preserve the health of the people who work in the company.

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