Social Media Strategy – Know The Complete Information

Social Media Strategy – Know The Complete Information

We must develop a social media strategy depending on our objectives : publicize our company, products and/or services, attract new customers, create engagement, improve online reputation, increase sales or increase traffic to our website.

Social networks are a fundamental part of Inbound Marketing and one of the main communication platforms today. Before entering the world of social media, we must answer a series of questions :

What Are Our Goals?

The first thing we have to be clear about is knowing what our goals are. These have to be achievable, realistic and concise. We have to ask ourselves: What do we want to achieve with our presence on social networks?

What Does Our Competition Do?

Look at your competition, in which networks they are present, what their strategy is, what content they publish, how often, etc.

In Which Social Networks Should We Be Present?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube,…? We must take into account several factors to be able to answer this question:

  • Depending on our objectives and the activity of our company, we must choose a social network or another that helps us achieve our goals. A company does not necessarily have to be on all social networks, it is important that the ones we choose involve ourselves in them thoroughly and do not neglect them.
  • We must take into account the time we have to invest in social media, since it will take time to publish updated and quality content.
  • Investigate which social networks your competition is on and if it is worth being on them.
  • Think about what social networks your buyer person uses and that is where you have to be.

What Is Going To Be Our Content Plan?

Once we have correctly studied our audience, we will have the ability to select the content that we are going to publish, how we are going to do it and the times to do it.

  • Content is king in digital marketing and therefore we must have a plan of what our publications will be on the different social networks. Think about what content you have: videos, images, infographics, blog posts, industry news, etc. Let’s not forget newsjacking , that is, if this is the case, we must take advantage of a current situation or event to create content related to that topic.
  • Look for the greatest impact in your publications. For this we will have to discover the best times to publish and thus be able to increase the interaction and engagement of our publications and gain followers.
  • Define a tone for our brand. The language with which we will interact with our followers is what will determine the image and reputation that we will have on social networks.
  • Interact with your followers. Social networks are a two- way channel , where we communicate information but where users expect answers to their questions, doubts or concerns. Try not to spend more than 24 hours responding to users. Try to generate interaction with them, that your followers comment on the publications, give “likes”, retweet our content, this will be a clear sign that the content we offer really interests them.
  • Updated, constant and quality content . Or peppering our audience with multiple daily posts like not posting anything for two weeks, both extremes are not good. Publish quality content, use videos and images to accompany the text, which are adapted to the measures of each social network.

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