Top 3 Best Speakers For PC: Comparison 2022

Top 3 Best Speakers For PC: Comparison 2022

Best Speakers For PC : PC speakers can be used for many activities: working while listening to a soft melody, listening to your interlocutor via Zoom, playing video games, watching movies, videos or simply enjoying music.

But all these examples are very different and will often require making a choice among the hundreds of references on the market.

We decided to offer you today a selection of the best speakers for PC as well as some tips to choose well. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Which PC Speakers To Choose?

Bose Companion 20 – The High End

When it comes to audio, it’s hard not to think of Bose. Rightly considered one of the best sound brands, offering headphones, headphones, professional systems or as here high-end computer speakers, Bose no longer has much to prove. Not exempt from any reproach because of their age, the Bose Companion 20 still keeps a head start on many competitors with!

It only takes a first look to see that these speakers are high-end even in the visual. Always up to date, they sport a design that knows how to blend into the décor, while adding that little luxurious touch always very pleasing to the eye.

The absence of a subwoofer is also an advantage here, in terms of space this time, since it will not be useful to connect and install the usual imposing cube; especially since the Bose Companion 20 has very decent bass for a 2.0 system.

In addition, the small wired and circular remote control makes it easy to manage the volume (which by the way is very stable even thoroughly), the connection to your computer or simply to turn off the sound.

The main downside of these Bose Companion 20 design PC speakers is probably that the overall sound quality still depends on the age of the product. If we are very far from a disaster, we must admit that the treble is not very good, and that the mediums are on the contrary a little too present.

Trust Gaming GXT 629 – Gaming speakers

The world of PC gaming is no longer just about having a powerful computer capable of running all the latest games released. At present, players often want to invest in accessories to perfect their setup: armchair, desk, keyboard and mouse designed for gaming, screens capable of displaying the sacrosanct 240Hz, but also PC speakers. And the more RGB there is, the better (for some and some in any case).

Good news since these powerful PC speakers that are the Trust Gaming GXT 629 are precisely turned towards gaming and RGB!

For a very decent price, these speakers equipped with a subwoofer light will probably integrate easily into your setup. It can also synchronize with the bass and therefore change color to the rhythm of the sounds of the game or music.

Overall, the sound of the Trust Gaming GXT 629 is of very good quality, without being a reference for audiophiles, but does well in all areas. The included wireless remote control allows you to control the volume, but also the bass and lights coming from the box.

These special PC 2.1 gaming speakers include an automatic sleep system, but unfortunately this one is not the best; apart from the fact that it is necessary to wait about twenty minutes after the sound stops for them to go to sleep, it happens that the restart is not instantaneous. It becomes better to completely turn them off, breaking the interest of the day before.

Logitech Z207 – To enjoy bluetooth

The Logitech brand is present everywhere in the market of peripherals for computers, and for a very long time on PC speakers. Their experience in all areas allows them to best address users rather mainstream and generally to aim right, as is the case with their Logitech Z207, also focused on nomadic users.

Their big advantage is obviously the bluetooth connectivity! You arrive on your desk, you open your laptop and magic, no need to plug in any jack cable, the speakers connect and you can now broadcast the sound. This is not something essential for a fixed setup, but if you are rather nomadic, the advantage is great.

All this and the absence of a subwoofer mean that these speakers, with a very successful design, will be discreet on your desk and will not clutter your vision or your concentration. On the other hand, the lack of a wireless remote control could have been a disadvantage, but thinking twice, the point here is not to add an additional element that would spoil the discretion.

You may be able to imagine it, but such a pair of PC 2.0 speakers can’t work miracles in terms of audio quality. Very far from being inaudible, it is not on the Logitech Z207 that you will make the most of the most beautiful melodies that will tend to rise a little too much in the treble or in the bass, you will have to be satisfied with a sound focused on the mediums (without crashing into it).

How To Install Your PC Speakers?

On PC, there are two main ways to install speakers for your PC: connected to the PC via a jack cable or connected via bluetooth. But there are still other things to take into account, let’s take a quick tour of the steps to follow:

  1. Position the speakers correctly as well as the subwoofer if you have one. Be careful not to run the cables anywhere, start installing them right away so as not to destroy your “cable management”;
  2. Depending on the type of speakers, this step will be different: for a model that plugs into a jack or optical jack, you will have to connect this cable to your computer. Typically, a small logo representing a headset will be present on the back of your desktop PC or on the edge of your laptop. If you have chosen bluetooth speakers, wait again;
  3. Plug the satellites into your subwoofer if you have one. In order not to get lost, color or number/letter indications will be affixed to the speakers and the back of the subwoofer;
  4. Connect the power cable to your power strip or wall outlet;
  5. You can now turn everything on via the “power” button or the switch on one of the speakers or on the subwoofer;
  6. Bluetooth only – If you have opted for wireless speakers, now you need to turn on your computer and connect the PC speakers with your machine.

How To Choose Your PC Speakers?

When choosing speakers for your computer, you will be confronted with many terms that may be unknown to you. However, you must read these as well as the criteria to consider, to make the right choice and especially the one that will fill you once the speakers are installed. Let’s take a look at the main features of PC speakers:

  • The type of speakers: you have probably seen the terms “2.0”, “2.1” or even “5.1” several times. It is simply, for the first digit, the number of satellites (in other words the baffles). The second refers to the presence or absence of a subwoofer. A PC 2.0 speaker will therefore consist of two satellites only, while a PC 5.1 sound kit will include 5 satellites and a subwoofer. Of course, it is necessary to have a compatible computer. The uses are necessarily a little different:
    • 2.0: used as a booster speaker for a laptop or office PC;
    • 2.1: rather used by gamers to play and listen to music;
    • 5.1: popular with moviegoers, this makes it possible to separate the audio into 5 different points, to hear sounds coming from different positions in the film. There are also 7.1 speakers, even more precise.
  • The power in watts: this is a feature that is not always exposed by manufacturers, especially since it is the equivalent of “megapixels” for a camera: when there are many it is good, but it is not everything. The more watts of PC speakers have, the more powerful they will be, but as you will have understood, the sound can remain passable despite this. Of course, it is better to focus on 60 Watts rather than 10 Watts for gaming use for example.
  • The frequency in Hz: just like the Watts, this information is not always clearly indicated. Nevertheless, it can remain a good indicator: if the frequency is very wide (the human ear can hear frequencies from 40 Hz to 20,000 Hz), the more the bass and treble can be of quality. Useful if you are looking for 5.1 speakers for the cinema for example.
  • Design: if you are more of the minimalist type for your work desk, or looking for the best RGB kit for your gaming setup, design is an important element. PC speakers that would not be to your liking could annoy you in the long run and attract you less and less to the office where they are placed. That’s not the idea, is it?
  • The price: this is undoubtedly the characteristic that will be able to guide you to others. Depending on your budget, you will have to make a choice on the overall quality expected. It is obvious that for 40$, you will not have the best 5.1 speakers on the market, but on the contrary it is not useful to spend 500$ on 2.1 speakers designed to play.

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