7 Benefits Of Email Marketing That You Should Take Advantage

7 Benefits Of Email Marketing That You Should Take Advantage

Benefits Of Email Marketing : Once we are clear about the difference between email marketing and spam, we are going to know what the benefits of email marketing are that we talked about at the beginning.

1. It is a direct and personalized communication channel

Email allows us to create a constant flow of communication with our contacts in a direct and personalized way. With most of the platforms used to manage email marketing, such as Mailchimp or Sendinblue , we can include the recipient’s name and offer content based on their preferences. Thanks to this segmentation, the user perceives that we are addressing him exclusively and that contributes to generating closeness.

2. It is easily measurable

Any action that is carried out in digital marketing must be measured to verify that it is working and mailing is no exception. The metrics offered by the different platforms that we use to send emails to give us very valuable information to assess the impact that our campaign has had. The most important ones may be the open rate and the number of clicks on the links, but they are not the only ones that we must analyze.

3. It allows you to get more conversions

Another benefit of email marketing is its ability to drive conversions. If we have a well-defined strategy that adds value to recipients, it is very likely that we will achieve more conversions than with other tools. For example, it is estimated that email marketing manages to convert 3 times more than social networks.

4. It helps you retain customers and reinforce your brand image

One of the objectives that we can set when we carry out an email marketing campaign is customer loyalty. By sending an email to a customer who has already purchased our products or services, we will be reminding them that we are there to meet their needs. It seems too obvious, but we must bear in mind that competition in almost all sectors is very high and that customers will not always remember us even if they were satisfied with their previous purchase.

In addition, if we manage to connect emotionally with them and build trust in our business, we will be creating a bond that can bring us many benefits. Among them, the client becomes a prescriber of our brand and recommends it to their family and friends.

5. It is an economical tool

If you are wondering how much it costs to carry out an email marketing campaign, you will like the answer: very little, especially if we compare it with other marketing strategies such as mailing. In fact, some of the most used platforms for sending emails allow you to send a certain number of them per month for free. That is, if your business is small and you still do not have many subscribers, it will not cost you anything. And, as your list grows, you can hire monthly plans that will allow you to send several emails per month to thousands of users for very little money. Of course, remember once again that it is essential to have a well-defined strategy and your own database.

6. Shipments can be automated

When planning your campaigns, one of the aspects you should consider is when is the best time to send the emails. Thanks to the possibility of automating the shipments, you will be able to program them so that they are sent on the day and time that interests you and dedicate yourself to something else while your message arrives in the inbox of your contacts.

7. Increase your website traffic

Finally, sending emails to your subscribers will help you increase traffic to your website, as long as you include links to it. If you manage to write an attractive message subject and the user opens the email, it is very likely that they will click on the links that you have included and, therefore, end up visiting your blog or your online store.

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