The Ultimate Guide To Salesforce Automation Testing

The Ultimate Guide To Salesforce Automation Testing

Salesforce is a renowned CRM system. The platform facilitates numerous integration and customization possibilities that organizations can use to build ideal solutions to streamline customer relationships. 

Salesforce also releases frequent updates to enhance the overall functionality and to keep the platform aligned with the latest technologies. Test automation Salesforce is one of the key ways to ensure the stability of the platform. 

Understand Salesforce Test Automation and Its Importance

Test automation Salesforce is an automated testing process that checks the advanced complexity of all the different pieces of code that make up a Salesforce application. In automated testing, scripts are written against existing code and used to determine whether the different parts of the application are working as intended.

The importance of Salesforce cannot be undermined or overstated, though a proper strategy is required to make the most out of this platform. There are the following reasons which determine the importance of test automation:-

  • Help detect the errors in the Salesforce application
  • Repetitive tasks can be automated, hence optimizing valuable time and human resources
  • Limit the ambit of manual testing to situations where it is necessary
  • Ensure that existing functionality is operating as intended 

Common Challenges of Salesforce Test Automation

Salesforce is a powerful platform with hundreds of features that businesses can implement to align their routine tasks, like sales, customer relationship management, etc. Due to this, the complexity increases, making the Salesforce test more challenging to automate. This section will list the common complexities associated with test automation Salesforce.

Highly Customizable

Salesforce offers many customizable options; as a result, businesses can have countless combinations. Due to this, full test coverage can be a difficult task, especially for complex configurations. 

Frequent Updates

Salesforce releases frequent updates to enhance product quality, but this can make automation testing difficult. Updates can affect tests. However, Opkey is a codeless test automation tool that automatically provides an update whenever it is released. Moreover, the test builder feature of Opkey fixes the broken test automatically.

Shadow DOM

Salesforce uses the Shadow DOM component, allowing the creation of objects behind it. Shadow DOMs are useful for many reasons, including cross-browser compatibility. This makes it challenging to locate an element, which is a crucial aspect of user interface testing.

Dynamic Elements

Dynamic elements may be changed when a test script runs hence making it difficult to test and locate. This is why having a good locator strategy is crucial for maintaining Salesforce tests.


Automated testing becomes challenging when it comes to locating and recognizing elements inside frames or iFrames.

Hidden Elements

Another issue affecting automated testing is the use of hidden elements in Salesforce. They are primarily used to hide the backend information from users. The difficulty may arise while finding the special CSS selector. Apart from this, hidden elements also cause problems with other testing frameworks. These issues usually come with the JavaScript framework.

Best Practices to Streamline Salesforce Test Automation

  • Early Testing: Early detection of issues is one of the best ways businesses can do. Testing in the initial development phases helps mitigate future risks and optimize the cost.
  • Favor Real-World Scenarios: By favoring real-world testing scenarios, testers can ensure the accuracy of testing results. So, tests should simulate real-world scenarios as possible.
  • Thorough Test Strategy: It is one of the best ways to streamline the test automation Salesforce. A thorough testing covers all the proper documentation, clear testing procedures, and roles that help mitigate problems.
  • Invest in the Right Tools and Professionals: Having the right tools and professionals is the key aspect of streamlining the testing process. Many testing tools are available in the market, but choosing the right one can take time and effort. However, Opkey is one of the renowned tools primarily known for its code test automation feature. Without extensive coding and programming knowledge, non-technical users and business analysts can also participate in the testing process.

Final Thoughts!

Undoubtedly, Salesforce is the de facto leader of the customer relationship management world. Thousands of businesses worldwide rely on Salesforce to carry out their routine operations. Hence, test automation Salesforce efficiently has become an absolute necessity. However, selecting the right tool is also crucial as it helps businesses enhance the quality of their business. Opeky is a powerful tool that leverages the overall testing process. 

It is a no-code test automation platform built explicitly for Salesforce. The key technical features of Opkey make it a more reliable and flexible tool for businesses looking to carry out Salesforce testing. For instance, its ‘one-click test creation’ promptly increases test coverage with one click. Apart from this, its ‘drag-and-drop interface’ enables employees to create tests without code. The self-healing scripts ensure that the test would not get a break in case of some modifications in the app. Moreover, Opkey facilitates communication with colleagues about broken tests. For more information, visit the website of Opkey and schedule a free demo.

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