10 Trends In Digital Advertising Of 2023

10 Trends In Digital Advertising Of 2023

Trends In Digital Advertising : 2023 has been the year of the recovery of Digital Advertising, accelerated digitization, consent for Digital Media, and of the consolidation of Advertising on Connected TV (CTV).

What Are The Trends In Digital Advertising?

1.- One of the most important points to take into account and highlight for 2022 is the change in the audience measurement meter and methodology, where GfK DAM will offer a new and different measurement system, in which people are at the center of digital consumption, moving accordingly to the measurement of digital consumption of individuals regardless of the device, format, and content they are consuming.

2.- In 2023 we will continue to see a growth in the percentage of investment that advertisers allocate to Programmatic, and not only in the programmatic purchase of non-Video Display campaigns but also in Video, Audio, Native, CTV (Connected TV) campaigns. and DOOH (Digital Out-Of-Home).

3.- Focus on the Multi-Channel, Multi-Device, and Multi-Screen experience with an eye on the wide variety of connected devices.

4.- From the behavioral to the contextual. As the privacy of users is increasingly prioritized, as between 12 and 15% of them refuse to consent to the collection and use of data that is not strictly necessary, and as we approach the end of the life of the Third-Party Cookie (Early 2023), advertisers are integrating more sophisticated and powerful tools, and the contextual is gaining relevance, which does not mean that Programmatic loses weight, since Publishers also share contextual information such as Content, URL, keywords, Categories, and Tags with the Ad Server or Wrapper, and this is then passed on to the Ad Networks, Ad Exchanges and/or Platforms, to subsequently request contextual ads that they then supply.

5.- During the year 2023, we will also see the maturity of the existing and already viable solutions that currently allow addressing user segmentation without the use of Cookies, such as Unified ID 2.0, ID+, or the Liveramp solution. In addition, we will see the development of other solutions such as TCPF of the IAB Spain, which, unlike the previous ones, will allow reaching users who browse without being logged in.

6.- Better and greater use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms for the optimization of purchasing models, enrichment of advertising formulas, and improvement of Publishers’ advertising spaces.

7.– In 2023 we will also see how Self-Service Advertising or Self-Service Advertising becomes more relevant as the third advertising inventory marketing alternative that allows Publishers the control of the traditional model (direct sale of campaigns), and the simplicity and efficiency of Programmatic Advertising, giving greater value to the Media Audience and its First-Party Data.

8.– Search for greater efficiency from all parties: from the side of the Publisher through the optimization and possible reduction of advertising formats in the face of their current saturation both on the Web and Mobile, and from the side of the Advertiser through greater personalization (Hyperpersonalization) and individual orientation, as well as user empowerment through Trust, Security, and Privacy.

9.- In 2023 we will see how a large number of the main advertisers increase their advertising investment in CTV, but not in an isolated way, but rather it will do so under an omnichannel approach.

10.- Emergence of the first advertising initiatives in the Metaverse, such as Product Placement, or rather Brand Placement, a formula through which brands will sell digital “twins” of their physical items for user avatars, something I remember we already raised during my time at Yahoo! in 2005 for a well-known clothing brand and its integration into the avatars of Yahoo! Messenger. “In-World Advertising” is an evolution of “In-Game Advertising” and that I would define as Advertising in the Virtual World, as well as Augmented Reality  and Virtual Reality.

Finally, the great challenge that we really face in 2023 is to prepare ourselves for the measurement of the contribution given the need to understand the ROI, and in my opinion, the solution lies in innovation. Perhaps it is time to take a step back, diversify approaches to attribution models, and take advantage of data-driven experimentation.

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