Everything You Need To Understand About Cloud

Everything You Need To Understand About Cloud

Everyone knows the important role that the cloud plays in companies within the processes related to digital transformation, however, the vast majority of companies continue to make much less use of all the advantages provided by cloud technology.

Cloud technology is more than established in most work environments. Companies have made a great effort to erase fears and uncertainties about this technology and have convinced themselves that security, the main concern of the sector, has far exceeded all these expectations.

Why Is It The Best Option For My Company?

2020 is the year in which any organization must make the leap to the cloud,  betting on cloud storage in the company means providing the business with multiple advantages . This large number of advantages makes it possible for more and more companies to migrate their solutions to this type of service.

Below, we highlight two main advantages of having cloud services.


The fundamental advantage is access from any (authorized) device. For example:

  • Companies that have headquarters in different cities and with accesses in different locations.
  • Workers who use telecommuting and need access to company files and documentation.
  • Use of different devices, to access information from any of them.


At first, many people were reluctant to this technology because they saw security gaps in their system, but it is actually quite the opposite. Security in the cloud allows data not to be lost and simplifies the number of times to make backup copies of our system.

Microsoft And The Cloud

Microsoft’s strategy in its security approach divides it into four large blocks that are oriented to each component of the service.


At the service of customers, Microsoft makes available a set of tools that allow users to access the organization’s information with double verification technologies, access based on location, device and any suspicious activity.


The loss or theft of devices is the main risk problem in information security, generating data theft and reaching the identity of the device user. Microsoft makes tools available to users to protect devices such as Mobile Device Management. These types of solutions lead the company to optimize its expenses in the investment of new equipment.


Data is the most valuable asset of our organization, and as such must be well protected. The storage of the data is not only to avoid the usurpation of these by a third party, but also to know the use that is given to them and where they are stored. A control and audit is the service that Microsoft offers us for the data stored in the cloud, enabling visibility of how the information is managed and from where.


Thanks to connected services, Microsoft has advanced its controls by gaining greater visibility into cloud services such as Azure, Office 365 and Windows 10 devices. This great ability to control makes it possible to offer customers a series of tools that allow you to protect systems with infrastructure in the cloud and even hybrid.


Cloud technology is a technology in full evolution that year after year we observe how new functionalities appear. Faced with such an evolutionary sector, it is difficult to know what this technology will bring us and what new uses we will give to cloud computing.

Some of the trends that will surely mark the course of this year will be:

Private cloud

It will encourage companies to create their own private cloud, based on their resources and requirements.

Creation of new professional profiles

Cloud Engineer or Cloud Data Science will be some of the new profiles that companies will demand to manage cloud infrastructure.

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence continues unstopping together with machine learning technologies. The union of both technologies will further enhance the automation of tasks in business processes.

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