The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners Of 2021

The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners Of 2021

After many years on the market, robot vacuum cleaners have come a long way and are now a common ally in making household cleaning tasks easier.

Despite the fact that years ago they hit a corner or turned senseless in a corner, today there are intelligent robots that identify the level of dirt and scan the house so that no baseboard is left uncleaned. Some people vacuum them when you’re not there, avoiding stairs and identifying areas they shouldn’t enter, or even wiping with a damp mop so you don’t have to scrub as often.

  • To help you decide, in this guide we have selected the robotic vacuums with the best value for money according to our analysts and users, from low-cost models to the iconic Roomba.
  • You will also find a comparison of the robot vacuum cleaner   and a complete buying guide at the end.

LEFANT M201 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • The best small robot vacuum cleaner and minimal budgets. Battery: 90 minutes Navigation: no Noise: 60 dB Scrubbing function:
  •  No LEFANT-M201-robot-vacuum-1800Pa See price
  • The Lefant brand has successfully listed many of its models as the best-selling products on Amazon and has won praise from users for its combination of adequate functions and very reasonable prices.
  • The most successful model is the Lefant T700, which has a slightly higher range, including scrubbing capabilities, the M520, which is also very powerful and more affordable, and the protagonist of this review M201, which is a robot that does not include a central roller. . but it has a wide nozzle to avoid tangles, very suitable for families with pets.
  • If you want to know more details and understand why M201 has achieved such remarkable success, we invite you to continue reading.
  • Lefant M201 scored 92 points (out of 100) . It is a robot vacuum cleaner with a different design than most, ultra compact, with a 3D cover that gives it a modern and futuristic air.
  • The M201 provides high suction power. Despite its large size, it is equipped with a large capacity water tank and a good filtering system, and can be managed via apps and voice commands to improve comfort, all at a very reasonable price.

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Cecotec Conga 1090

  • A robot vacuum cleaner that can be configured for 7 days. Battery: 160 minute Navigation: sensor Noise: 64 Scrubbing function: yes See price
  • While most robotic vacuums offer three cleaning modes, the Cecotec Conga 1090 series goes even further and offers a 4-in-1 process: sweepers, vacuum cleaners, mops and scrubbers. To do this, it has a small 300 ml water tank that drips the earth, moistening and removing the most difficult stains.
  • While convenient, this mopping system can still be improved and it won’t stop you from going through a regular mop every now and then.
  • The Conga 1090 series responds to daily cleaning:
  • On the one hand, it contains two systems, Force Implode and Turbo Clean Carpet, to maximize the suction power of the vacuum cleaner and achieve good results even on very dirty floors
  • It also has a special rubber brush to avoid tangles in carpets and another rotating brush with two silicone rollers and bristles for all types of surfaces
  • It is controlled by a remote control with an LCD screen , with which weekly cleaning can be programmed in five different modes
  • Note that it doesn’t map the house and randomly moves through the rooms (basically robot vacuum cleaners walks until it considers the room clean). It has a simple built-in GPS so the robot automatically returns to the charging station after cleaning is complete or when the battery is empty.
  • With proximity, distance and anti-drop sensors , easily schedule cleaning times and let it do its thing. And if you still have doubts about whether this model is suitable for your home, you can consult our comparison of the best Conga robot vacuum cleaners .

 iRobot Roomba 605

  • A simple and very effective robot vacuum cleaner with the Roomba guarantee. Battery: 60 minutes Navigation: sensors Noise: 60 dB Scrubbing function: no iRobot Roomba 605  See prices
  • We are facing the benchmark brand in the sector and one of the most basic models in its catalog. The iRobot Roomba 605 is a very simple robotic vacuum, almost like a “starter” Roomba , at a very affordable price by corporate standards.
  • As simple as it is at the programming level, it is a Roomba and that says almost everything: We are facing an excellent robot that reacts to what is expected of it.
  • The 3-stage cleaning system has two multi-surface brushes, a special edge brush, and a powerful vacuum suction device. When the battery is empty or has finished cleaning, it automatically returns to the charging station.
  • It works very well in homes with pets , it adapts to all types of surfaces, be it hard floors or carpets, and the side brush has a 27 ° angle that guarantees a complete cleaning of all corners and edges.
  • As I said, this is one of the most basic models of the brand. This works by simply pressing the clean button , while the Roomba 680 , for example, offers the option of scheduling a weekly cleaning.
  • And when we compare ourselves to more advanced models like the Roomba 960 , we miss the Wi-Fi or the ability to scan the entire house with our own navigation system to keep every corner under control.
  • In short, without ever owning a robotic vacuum, the Roomba 605 will change your life. If you expect additional features and just want easy and efficient cleaning, this is perfect.

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