All You Need To Understand About Remote Work

All You Need To Understand About Remote Work

Remote Work : Are we prepared to obtain maximum performance in remote work? Are we capable of organizing ourselves with our team and knowing the stage of our projects? Management systems allow us to integrate tasks and users in a single place with the aim of improving productivity.

Blocked By Too Many Tools

The main mistake when creating a new work environment is trying to replicate our space in a traditional office. The measures we apply to our remote position have to be designed with the circumstances we are facing and the new details that may harm our performance in mind.

In this sense, the implementation of many applications to create this interface ends up blocking too much. In this way we hinder agility, hindering our ability to establish priorities and efficiently organize the different tasks that we must solve.

A greater number of applications implies an increased chance of duplication of work. According to Asana ‘s 2021 Anatomy of Work Index report, 8 in 10 workers work with their inbox and other communication apps open constantly, feeling pressured to multitask during work. day. Jumping from one to another is a mental exercise that affects our productivity in remote work.

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The Switch Or Change Of Context

Sometimes we are forced to leave a task to take a call or respond to a message related to a project other than the one we are working on. These context changes or switches are a major distraction that can affect our performance and concentration. The new scenario forces us to process the information necessary to respond to these stimuli, losing focus on what we were doing previously.

And it is that performing more than one task at the same time is a myth. According to a study by the University of Berkeley (California), 92% of people consider that establishing periods of concentration in which they are not disturbed or have to monitor other applications or our email inbox has a positive impact on their productivity and that of your team. Implementing these sprints makes it easier to reduce time and improve the planning and management of our resources.

To avoid or reduce these context switches, it is necessary to have easy access to a place where the information is unified. A place where you can centralize the monitoring of phases, deadlines and responsibilities without duplicating the constant notifications to which we are exposed in remote work.

Asana And Work Management Platforms

Asana is a work management platform designed to help teams organize their tasks. Always with end goals in mind, they can be used for day-to-day obligations or to map out a long-term strategic plan that spans multiple projects and people.

Bridging the gap between strategy and execution makes it possible to achieve results regardless of the location of the workers. Control all stages without losing flexibility and thus facilitate communication and collaboration in remote work.

In the end, we can conclude that an excess of work, together with the feeling of stress caused by the accumulation of pending tasks in different spaces, causes us to lose clarity and our performance suffers. It is not only the loss of productivity that should concern us, the possibility of leaving critical work unfinished is a reality when managing our projects that we must face and avoid at all costs.

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