How Machine Learning Works?

How Machine Learning Works?

We will explain about how machine learning works in the article. In the past, for a computer to do something you had to tell it exactly how it had to do it : if this happens, do that, go through all this data and do something with it .

Now programs can learn on their own without the need for programming , relying first on pre-existing data we give them and then on their own behavior over time.

In a sense they behave like humans, who learn alone based on our own experience or that of others.

Getting a computer to do this can be very complicated, but let’s see the fundamentals of how it works .

A Practical Example

I give you an example. Suppose you want to create a program that learns to distinguish bananas from oranges.

If you wanted to do this with a traditional program, you would have to think of some very specific rules on your own to do it . For example, an algorithm to detect outlines and predominant colors, use the dimensions and colors obtained to try to deduce what you are seeing, etc . In the end, you would need a lot of very complex code and, surely, it would fail in a high percentage of the cases.

With Machine Learning techniques, what you have to do is give your algorithm photographs of bananas and oranges that have already been previously identified. Your algorithm analyzes them and deduces on its own the characteristics of bananas and oranges. 

After having trained (that is, having learned), he will be able to identify bananas and oranges on his own in the photos you give him. Not only that: from your own successes and mistakes you can continue to learn and improve little by little in the future.

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Types Of Machine Learning Algorithms

There are basically 4 types of algorithms that allow computers to learn by themselves:

  • Supervised learning
  • Learning unsupervised
  • Semi-supervised learning , a mix between the two above
  • And reinforcement learning

For you to go into detail here is the link to a great article on our blog that explains them very well: What types of problems can we solve with how Machine Learning works techniques

These types of techniques are used today for almost everything, although you may not realize it: in recommendation systems like the one used by YouTube to bring you to that great video that ends up hooking you more to the platform, so that the camera of your mobile Take such amazing photos, to understand what you say , to recognize faces .

But also for more serious things such as the identification and prediction of diseases , designing new medicines , controlling robots in factories or driving cars or drones among many other things.

In Summary

In summary: Machine learning completely changes the way computers work and the people who program them to do things, and it is already the present and of course the future of computing. It opens up a great opportunity for companies to take advantage of it and, for technicians, to specialize in their techniques.

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