How Does A Smart Notebook Work?

How Does A Smart Notebook Work?

Do you know what a smart notebook is? At first glance, they look the same as a regular notepad but actually have reusable sheets that you can write or draw on by hand, like paper notebooks, but with the advantage that everything you write is scanned instantly.

One of its main features is that it can be deleted without difficulty and then used again.

They are the big differences with respect to traditional notebooks, which are exhausted when the pages are finished and that, if we then need those notes, we will be forced to transcribe everything by computer or scan the information to be able to have it digitized, which will then allow us to save it in the cloud or share it.

This obviously requires double work, hence the great advantage of having intelligent notebook sheets, which already allow us to do that task automatically. Do you want to know how it works? Here we tell you everything!

How To Use A Reusable Smart Notebook

The first thing you should know is that a smart notebook has to be complemented with a mobile application, which will be the one that allows you to digitize all the content. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to scan, upload, edit and store all your notes.

The second thing you should know is that these types of applications are not always free or, at least, not completely, and usually offer, at least, purchases within the app, so you can make use of all its functions in a broader way.

Most smart notebooks extract the text from the image and store it in the cloud, search engine or a digital file.

If you are one of those who like to write by hand, a smart notebook can be a very practical solution for you, since this type of devices allow you to continue writing with pen and paper but save you the subsequent work of having to clean your notes, scan the information or image you want to save, etc.

Advantages of smart notebooks

Smart notebooks are reusable, which means that once a page has been used and its contents have been digitized, it can be erased to rewrite. It can be a perfect technological gift!

Anyway, digital notebooks come with more than one page, so you can write everything you want and you can digitize everything when you finish your task.

Smart notebooks have become a very useful tool for nostalgic people who refuse to abandon handwriting but introducing an ecological element, since no paper is spent and, being reusable, it is not wasted either.

When we talk about not using paper, we mean that it does not use the paper of a lifetime but a synthetic one, usually made of polyester. That allows you to write with a pen and, once you have digitized your notes, it is as simple as erasing with a little water and a suede. Although there are models in which the erasure is done with a couple of minutes of heat in the microwave.

Disadvantages of smart notebooks

There are brands that assure you that their notebooks are endless, but that will also depend on how much you take care of it and how you treat it. After all, they are still sheets of paper that, if you squeeze when writing about them, will spoil more, until it reaches the point that it is impossible to erase what is written about them.

This is a disadvantage but, deep down, you only have to think about the amount of notebooks and sheets of paper that you will save until that time comes. Many trees will thank you!

There are other smart notebooks whose sheets have a limited number of uses. For example, if you have 5, you will have to buy new sheets again after five uses.

To alleviate these drawbacks, brands of smart notebooks are perfecting their models. There are those who already introduce sheets with a plastic coating so that the paper does not absorb the ink and others who have a finish like that of whiteboards, to facilitate their erasure when they finish using them.

Smart Ring Or Disc Notebook

The smart notebooks on the market can be of different sizes: an intelligent notebook A4, A5, A6.In addition, you can also set up your own smart notebook by choosing the covers and other components.

And there are other types of intelligent notebooks that allow us to differentiate, for example, those of discs or rings.

Smart notebooks with discs or rings are, let’s say, detachable, since they allow you to put and take out the sheets without any problem, as if it were a filing cabinet.

This allows you to customize your own notebook, with the number of sheets you need, the order you want and even the cover you like the most.

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How To Make A Smart Notebook

As we say, there are smart notebooks that you can configure yourself to your liking and according to your needs. So you can get the perfect smart notebook for you.

On Amazon you can find this kind of thing but, if you need advice, it is best to go to a specialized store, where they can advise you better.

Choose a customizable smart notebook, with which you can choose the size, cover, number and type of sheets, etc. So you can have a kind of three in one: filing cabinet, folder and notebook.

It is the best way to make your own smart notebook to your liking, since many brands offer their own pre-designed notebooks, with their lining, four separators, about 80 sheets of average, a calendar, an identification sheet and another of instructions. It is another way to have a complete but not so personalized smart notebook.

Keep in mind that, whatever model you choose, a smart notebook must be given special care if you want it to be durable. Try not to scratch too hard so that the leaves are reusable more times, do not tear the leaves happily and erase without corrosive liquids.

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