Google Gravity Trick: How To Access Google Gravity?

Google Gravity Trick: How To Access Google Gravity?

Google Gravity: Google is the most popular search engine, and millions currently use it to conduct their search on the internet. Most users are unaware of Google tricks that spice up the search process. 

Do You Know About Google Gravity?

It is a parody of Google’s original interface that users can play with to break the boredom. In GoogleGravity, the Google search elements are falling as if they obey the laws of gravity. The project belongs to Mr. Doob, a Google developer. 

Aside from GoogleGravity, there are other exciting tricks from Google. Some of the other tricks developed by Google are:

  • Google Anti-gravity
  • Google Underwater
  • Google do a Barrel Roll
  • Google Sphere
  • Google Zero Gravity

Tools Required Before Accessing Google Gravity

Before you can access GoogleGravity, you’ll need the following;

  • JavaScript-enabled browser.
  • Reliable Internet connection. Slow internet equates to a slow GoogleGravity home page connection.
  • Google Gravity link by Mr. Doob. You can access directly using Mr. Doob’s link.

Procedure On Accessing Google Gravity Using Your Device

Step 1

  • First of all, You have to enable JavaScript on your browser. 
  • Open the browser and ensure the browser is secure before opening GoogleGravity.
  • You can use a laptop, iPad, smartphone, or desktop for this process.

Step 2

  • Enter in the browser and search.
  • On the google web page, enter GoogleGravity and search. 
  • JavaScript will enable you to find the desired tool.
  • Google Gravity trick will show on the first search page.
  • If the search page does not show this, close that search page and try again.

Step 3

  • Enter GoogleGravity on the Google search bar.
  • After typing that in, don’t click search.
  • You can see two slots: Google Search and I’m Feeling Lucky.

Step 4

  • Select I’m Feeling Lucky to open GoogleGravity.
  • This is the hidden trick when you want to access without going through the search results.
  • This trick applies to general searches as well. 
  • You enter the keyword and click I’m Feeling Lucky to visit the desired site directly.
  • Now you can start playing around with Gravity elements. These games are therapeutic; they help users unwind.

Android App

It has an app for Android users. So Android users can access Gravity both on their mobile browsers and Android app. 

Procedure for downloading Gravity Android App:

  • Open your browser and search Google Gravity for Android.
  • Click on the best search result.
  • You can also use   App link to download the app.
  • The app occupies little storage space.
  • Install the app to start searching and having fun while at it.

For Mobile Browser

Accessing Google Gravity in mobile browsers is different from the process shown above. The best way to access Google Gravity is through Mr. Doob’s linkEnsure that JavaScript is on before opening your browser.

Similar Tricks

Google has developed several tricks to keep users entertained when browsing the internet. Netizens have a variety of Google tricks to choose from. Below, we will analyze more Google tricks and how to access them.

Google Anti-Gravity

This trick goes against gravity; all the Google elements are floating around, and the Google elements move sideways, upwards, and downwards without particular order. 

Observe the procedure below to open Google Anti-Gravity

  1. Open on your browser and enter Google Anti-Gravity.
  2. Select I’m Feeling Lucky slot under the search bar.
  3. Google Anti-Gravity will open. 
  4. You will see all the Google elements floating around like space.

Google Underwater

In this Google trick, the homepage is drifting in ocean water, and the ocean currents are moving the google elements underwater. You can move the element too by using your cursor.

Follow these steps to open Google underwater

  1. Open on your browser and type Google Underwater.
  2. After that, tap on “I’m Feeling Lucky” below the search bar.
  3. Google underwater will open.
  4. You will notice the Google elements drifting under the ocean water.

Google Does A Barrel Roll Trick.

This is another unique trick that you should try out. In this trick, Google elements move like a barrel roll, and you can use your cursor to make the pages turn like a barrel.

Observe these steps to access Google Barrel Roll

  1. Open your browser search to search.
  2. Type Google, do a Barrel Roll, and select I’m Feeling Lucky.
  3. You can see Google do a Barrel Roll home page.
  4. You will notice that when you use your cursor, the homepage is doing a barrel roll.

Other Alternative Google Tricks

  • Google Sphere
  • Google Mirror
  • Google Space
  • Google Birthday Surprise Spinner
  • Askew
  • Google Thanos
  • Zerg Rush
  • Google Treats


Google tricks are fun games introduced by Google to amuse the users when browsing the internet. Accessing the games is very easy so long as you have enabled JavaScript on your browsers. According to research, these games are therapeutic because they help users unwind. 

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