Fingerprint Reader Of My Mobile Does Not Work, How Do I Solve It?

Fingerprint Reader Of My Mobile Does Not Work, How Do I Solve It?

Fingerprint Reader : Today, the vast majority of smartphones come with a built-in fingerprint sensor or reader. It is a function that is very useful and that gives security to the device, because it will be practically impossible for another person to unlock our terminal.

Many phones come with the fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen below, others include it on the back, some on the front, others more in the center.

Sometimes it may happen that the fingerprint reader does not work properly. This problem occurs when we try to unlock the terminal and realize that it is impossible.

The fingerprint sensor does not respond and we will only be able to unlock it using the alternative password, pattern or even with facial recognition if the mobile integrates it.

If you have a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor and for some reason it fails you, these are the main reasons:

Troubleshoot A Mobile Fingerprint Reader


The first thing you can easily do before worrying too much is to clean the fingerprint sensor.

It may have embedded dirt that you don’t see with the naked eye and that makes it difficult to read the fingerprint. If after cleaning it still does not work, you should go to step 2.

Software failure

There are times that for no reason, we notice that our phone does not work properly especially after updating it or when it has a certain time of use.

If we notice that it does not read our fingerprints, the first test we can do is format the phone or restore it from the factory and reconfigure the fingerprint (do not forget to put an alternative password).

Don’t forget to back up before this operation. If after restoring it, you continue to have problems, the problem may be another one such as that you are not taking the fingerprint well, that the piece has some fault or the plate.

You’re not putting your finger in the right posture for reading

The most current mobiles include very good quality sensors that are able to recognize the footprint of your finger regardless of the angle.

This is known to recognize it at a 360-degree angle. However, not all mobiles have those readers, so use it at the angle as accurate as possible to the one used in the configuration.

The footprint has not been taken well

Another cause is that you have not taken the fingerprint well when configuring the mobile and that is why it does not recognize it correctly. Try that when configuring that option your finger is as straight as possible and that it covers the entire gap of the reader.

The part is damaged

The last reason is that the part is damaged and a replacement has to be made.

This repair is usually quite expensive since it is a very meticulous repair and must be performed by a professional. Some models have the fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen as in the case of the Xiaomi Mi5s the Xiaomi Mi6. In these cases, the screen must be completely changed.

If you have problems with the fingerprint sensor of your mobile and need to change the part, make sure to take the device to a trusted technical service and that the replacement part is always original from the manufacturer.

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