5 Devices That Spy On You Without Your Knowledge

5 Devices That Spy On You Without Your Knowledge

In a world where more and more objects are connected, many high-tech devices in your daily life spy on you without you knowing it! Between the beginning of computing in the 80s and today, things have evolved a lot. The IoT, you know? You may not be familiar with this acronym yet, but you are most certainly aware of the concept. The IoT stands for “Internet of Things”, which can be translated quite simply by “The Internet of Objects”.

It refers to all connected objects and their inter-communication as well as their data exchanges. We often agree that connected objects make our daily lives easier, but we have also heard about privacy issues and even espionage concerning them. And it doesn’t stop at your phone, spyware or your computer’s camera. Here are 5 devices that are spying on you without your knowledge. Check out the devices that spy on you.

Your Connected Vacuum Cleaner

That good old Rumba who takes care of collecting the hairs of the cat and other minions before you return from work is not white as snow. It records and transmits a lot of data about you and your home that could be used against you if it got into the wrong hands. Today’s most high-tech vacuum cleaners use technology to map your interior to be able to locate itself in space and to let you choose certain areas to clean in particular and others to avoid. 

This information therefore provides information on the size of your home, the exact location of the different rooms and furniture found there and is a crucial source of information for potential burglars or other connected thugs. Added to this are the various cameras available to vacuum cleaners to recognize their environment.

A report on the subject of the IoT in the United States revealed the fact that an Israeli firm specialized in security had developed a technique allowing it to hack an LG vacuum cleaner and to have access to the images recorded by the cameras. It is easy to imagine the problems this poses in terms of security and the protection of privacy. You should be careful about this spy device.

Your “Baby-Phone”

Don’t panic, your baby monitor is not directly connected to strange networks. However, several cases of hacking of these devices have been thoroughly investigated. Connected baby-phones recording and storing sounds and now images can indeed be the target of cyber-attacks to access this data which provides information on the presence of individuals in certain rooms, on what they contain and others. To reassure you, remember to update your baby monitor regularly to limit the risks. It is one of the spy device you should take care of.

Your Dishwasher

Some connected dishwashers have access to a WIFI connection and record the temperature of a room but also the presence of light. This gives indications on the presence or not of individuals in a room and this data is recovered by the manufacturer. For the moment dishwashers are not equipped with cameras, but some have microphones which are supposed to be used to control the sound volume of the device depending on.

A Doll

Several connected dolls have been the subject of complaints in certain countries for espionage problems. One doll in particular has been banned from sale in several parts of the world after it was found to be recording and storing extensive audio and video data collected through its microphone and on-board camera. It was also equipped with a sensor informing about the presence of other objects nearby, a light sensor, and a WIFI connection. The microphone was so effective that it could pick up and recognize words through walls. The manufacturers have declared that all the data collected remains internal and is not sold or shared. Enough to reassure us?

Your TV

Do you own a Smart TV? Chances are it’s constantly transmitting information about you to its maker through its internet connection. This obviously includes the content you are watching, but also audio or even video recordings, information recorded by light and presence sensors and so on. Tests by Washington Post reporters revealed that Smart TVs send reports of data and information sometimes every second.


These 5 devices are only examples in the countless number of objects that spy on us. The purpose of all these data collection techniques is to learn more about individuals and to feed their consumer profile based on their purchasing habits, their tastes, their lifestyle, their socio-professional category. , their personal and professional situation. In short, this data is used to sell more and sell better, knowing almost before the individual what he is going to want.

Hacking problems on these different devices remain rare for individuals, but it is important to keep in mind that this is part of the risk. To end on a slightly more positive note, which remains rather frightening, some investigations into more or less serious offenses have been resolved thanks to the use of some of this data by the authorities, whether with a doll who found herself witness to a crime, or with a connected watch that recorded the heart rate of an individual who did not correspond with his alibi and his version of the facts. Evidence inadmissible as such, but which make it possible to follow interesting and sometimes unexpected tracks.

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