Defining The Future In Laser Projection Technology

Defining The Future In Laser Projection Technology

Our most technologically advanced projectors combine 3LCD with a dual laser light source and feature a wide color gamut and very high contrast ratio for brilliant, true-to-life colors and incredibly deep blacks.

Boost creativity at work with bigger, brighter and more impactful projections, even in the most demanding environments. We work hard to develop innovative and versatile projectors that meet your needs and allow you to project content that will not leave your audience indifferent. 

Our commitment to the quality of our products, the technology, the relationship with the client and the assistance and maintenance we offer, are the reasons why we have been leaders in this market since 2001

Limitless Projection

  • Our newly developed inorganic phosphor wheel features superior resistance to heat and light, and offers excellent reliability.
  •  It works perfectly with our inorganic LCD panels to produce bright, vivid images for very long periods of time. In fact, you will enjoy a light source that does not require maintenance with a duration of 20,000 hours  .

Inorganic LCD Panels

  • The use of inorganic alignment layers in LCD panels has greatly increased resistance to heat and UV light, allowing projected images to always be of the highest quality.

Maintenance-Free Use

  • The laser light source offers 20,000 hours of projection without the need for maintenance². Compared to projectors with traditional UHP lamps, printing and maintenance costs have been dramatically reduced, and there are no longer downtimes to change lamps.

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Hassle-Free Projection

  • The projector’s laser unit contains multiple laser diodes, so the projector will not shut down in the unlikely event that one of the diodes fails. This eliminates the worry of a traditional projector lamp failure during a critical presentation or live broadcast.

Unsurpassed Reliability

  • Say hello to these sophisticated, highly reliable installation projectors for large screens. Its installation and configuration are very simple, in addition to the long life of its laser technology of up to 56,000 hours and its filter maintenance cycle of up to 30,000 hours that keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

  • Our first Full HD Ultra Short Throw home cinema laser projector with 3LCD technology projects images up to 130 inches (330 cm)
  • If the projector is installed with a ceiling or wall mount and you are in an environment with a lot of dense smoke, in places prone to evaporation of oils or chemicals, places where smoke or bubbles are used for staging events, or in environments where aromatic oils are burned frequently, certain parts of our products may be more vulnerable to material degradation, which could eventually break and cause the projector to fall from the ceiling.
  • If you are concerned about the environment your projector is installed in or have any other questions, please contact our support department for further assistance.
  • Security Kensington lock, Security cable slot, Password protection
  • 2D color modes Dynamic, Cinema, Bright Cinema
  • features Built-in speaker, Digital zoom, Instant on / off, JPEG viewfinder, Long-life light source, PC Free, Wireless LAN capable, iProjection app
  • Color modes Cinema, Dynamic, Game, Bright Cinema
  • Projector control via: AMX, Crestron (network), Control4, Extron

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