Benefits Of Augmented Reality In Business

Benefits Of Augmented Reality In Business

Augmented Reality In Business : This technology consists of associating virtual information on real digital media such as a smartphone, computer, tablet, CCTV camera or connected glasses. Augmented reality in business, or AR, is a computer technology that integrates fictitious 3D elements into a real environment so that the user visualizes the scene perfectly. For example, a company wants to redevelop its premises, thanks to a tablet and AR, it can get a first glimpse of the rendering.

There Are Four Types Of AR:

Documented reality where virtual information is emitted in superposition of the real world:

  • Augmented perception reality where inconspicuous or invisible objects are;
  • The geometric association of the real world where virtual 3D objects are included in the perception of the world with the other existing objects;
  • The integration of the real world with a virtual world where digital objects will undergo real characteristics or plausible situations.
  • Users can take advantage of this new technology thanks to the screens they watch, but also thanks to a camera that films, we also speak of indirect vision unlike the previous case, where we speak of direct vision .

AR For All Business Situations

Companies have a legal obligation to train employees in certain tasks or innovative concepts. It is necessary to train employees, because it is a means of acquiring new professional skills essential to the company and its development. However, employers are faced with organizational problems sometimes preventing the holding of these trainings. There are many concerns: lack of time, distance, training canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

To overcome these various constraints, augmented reality intervenes. Given that Augmented Reality offers the possibility of improving the perception of the real world thanks to a simple smartphone, companies see in this digital technology a powerful ally to grant training time to employees. Thus, the training is more immersive with concrete scenarios.

For example, to train a mechanic to repair a new car, he will be able to visualize himself the engine, the different levels and all the elements under the hood in order to familiarize himself with the new model. Another situation, a new accounting software has just been released and the company wishes to acquire it, in order not to involve a person and save time, the latter can opt for training thanks to AR!

Clearly, augment reality in business offers an important educational side to companies, it is a new way to train while bringing a playful side . This technology allows gamification , or gamification in, that is to say the fact of transmitting knowledge through methods borrowed from games. What’s more, this training is less expensive than that given by trainers, because once the material is acquired, it can be used by all employees.

In the context of industrial maintenance, augmented reality brings many benefits, it makes it possible to disseminate, but also to obtain information and data in real time and in a fluid way.

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