A Comprehensive Guide To Free Mac File Recovery Software

A Comprehensive Guide To Free Mac File Recovery Software

You mistakenly delete documents that you urgently need. What can you do when a family photo or important receipt ends up in the Mac trash ? Fortunately, on macOS there are several ways to recover deleted files. Data recovery programs are among the most used applications today as the rate of data loss increases. However, finding the best program that meets or exceeds your expectations is quite difficult.

Recovery programs help us to recover deleted file types such as documents, photos, videos, audios and many more. Unless you have created proper backups, you have no choice but to use such applications.

Thanks to several users who have already tried and tested most of the online programs. Among those that stood out is Stellar Data Recovery.

Today, we will go through an intensive review of Stellar Data Recovery software

Benefits Of Using Data Recovery Software

In the modern world, people lose data on their computer, SD, flash drives and other storage devices. It doesn’t matter how well you handle these files; There will be cases of data loss.

You can always find reliable software to help you recover this data. However, you need to be very careful when choosing which recovery program to use. Don’t be easily fooled by great marketing and advertising techniques, choose the best software, our best pick is stellar data recovery software based on user reviews and ratings.

Among the best online recovery programs is Stellar Data Recovery. It is software compatible with Mac and Windows computers that can help you recover any type of information that may have been lost, deleted or damaged.

Mac Trash: Recover Deleted Files

When you delete documents from your Mac, they are sent to the Mac Trash . As long as you don’t empty the trash, you can recover files deleted from Mac trash manually . To do this, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Open the trash

The first step is to click on the trash icon that you will find in the dock. There you will have an overview of all the files that are still in your Mac trash.

Step 2: Select the files and move them to the desktop

To recover deleted files from your Mac, select the ones you want by right-clicking and select “ Remove from Trash ”. Another alternative is to click on the files and drag them to the home screen or to the folder you want.

Free Mac File Recovery Software

Before get into data recovery software, get some idea about external drive recovery.

External drive recovery : You can easily recover lost data or accidentally deleted data using external drive. It is also possible to recover the damaged data in most cases.All external hard drives contain standard hard drives and the failure can usually be attributed to the drive.

The main reason to use external hard drive recovery software is its reliability and ease of use when faced with a data loss scenario.

Recover Data from macOS Sonoma

It’s the latest OS with high search volume currently. If you face any difficulty while using macOS Sonoma, this guide will help you in recovering the data.

You can retrieve the data in following process :

Process 1 : Recover the Data from Trash

trash backup

  • Go to the Trash Folder on your PC or Desktop
  • Search for the files or folders you want to recover
  • Click the restore option to get files or folders to original path or location

Process 2: Recover data from Time Machine Backup

time machine backup

  • Open Time Machine application from your Mac
  • Navigate to Time Machine Window and choose the time before data loss
  • Choose the path of files or folders to restore.
  • Click on Restore Button

If the users are unable to recover files from trash or time machine backup then proceed with “Stellar Data Recovery Software.

Stellar Data Recovery Free


The best free mac file recovery software is Stellar Data Recovery Free. It is compatible with Mac devices running on macOS 10.7 and later. It can recognize and locate a wide variety of file types. It recover pictures, music, videos and any other content from your Mac that has been damaged or lost

Some of the salient features includes : 

  • Recovers deleted documents, photos, and videos without any charge.
  • Recovers up to 1 GB of data on Mac – No activation required.
  • Compatible with M1,M2 & T2 chip-enabled Macs

In addition to the free trial you can also get more benefits from paid version that includes : 

  • Recover Data from Time Machine
  • Recover from Drive Having Bad Sectors
  • Retrieve Data from Lost Partition
  • Repair Corrupt Photos
  • Recover Data from Crashed Mac
  • Repair Corrupt Videos

You can access stellar in the form of free, standard, professional, premium and Technician subscriptions mentioned in the website. If you find difficulty in using the software, preview is available in the software so that users can find the exact image for recovery.

Final Words

If you want to recover data without much effort, stellar data recovery software is the best suitable choice. You can benefit from both free and paid versions that are available in the website given above.

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