7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python in 2021

7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python in 2021

Python is a programming language that has surpassed Java and is used in various business sectors such as data science, machine learning, web development, and programming. It is the top programming language, and apart from its use in businesses, it can also be used in people’s everyday routine. Learning Python at this point can be very useful and fruitful for anyone’s career or business at this point. It is high in demand and has many benefits especially in today’s era.

Beginner Friendly Language

Mostly programming languages are very hard to learn and non-IT professionals do not even bother going to that side, but Python is not like other programming languages and can be learned by your own self at home. Its syntax is similar to the English language and is very simple. There is a wide variety of courses online from where you can learn. All you need to do is have a good internet connection and choose a course online.

Often in online classes, the learning gets disturbed due to a bad connection, so make sure you get a good internet plan such as Xfinity internet plans for a disturbance free and budget friendly internet service. With Xfinity internet, you do not have to worry about data limits and lengthy payment plans, as it is very user friendly. So forget the bad internet and get to learning.

Everyday Use

When you have learned Python, all you need to have is the software installed on your PC and you can get started. Along with being easy, it is fun. You can write scripts and it will automate the boring tasks of the day for you. You can also make several cool applications at work and at home. All the tasks that might take your hours or even days can be finished in a matter of minutes just through the basic knowledge of this language.

Usually when you are at work and need to organise but there is too much chaos going on, instead of having to move folders and files around and renaming them, you can save time and create a python module to do all the organising work for you. You can speed up your excel process through a few codes and it will automatically create the informative reports for you. Even when working with PDFs, if you ever have to make edits and extract texts, it becomes really chaotic and time consuming, but thankfully, some python modules can help you edit and extract texts from the PDFs.

Make Python Your Employee

With Python becoming more and more capable and versatile, it has become self-employed people’s go to language. If you are an entrepreneur, and do almost all your work on your own, make python your best friend. Some python modules help you collect database for potential customers, and employees due to which if you ever plan to hire, you will already have contacts to choose from, which will save you loads of time and energy. It also helps you with your daily time taking tasks, reducing them down to a few codes and modules. Through Python, you can also auto generate emails to send daily and track your tasks.

Make Money In Lesser Time

For four consecutive years, Python has been in the highest paying languages throughout the world, and especially in the US. In addition, even if you do not want to pursue it as a full time career, the best way to make money part-time by staying home is to learn Python, and create a freelance account. Many companies these days directly hire freelancers and assign them data analysis work and since there is a high demand, they pay you more. This way people earn extra money in their free time because using python 3 speeds up the process 3x more and gets the job done in the least time. You just need to have a very good grip on the common modules and codes and should be familiar with the most commonly used libraries.

Apart from data science, the other money-making industries for Python are machine learning and web development.

Fastest Growing Programming Language

Businesses these days are turning away from excel spreadsheets and are more inclined towards Python driven analysis. All huge and large-scale companies and industries have completely ditched excel and turned to Python. In these evolving times, python is a tech savvy language, and especially in the AI industry it is high in demand and is growing rapidly. Even google has its special Python libraries that all their professionals use.

High In Demand

Python developers are in demand, and if in today’s time, you know this language you will never stay unemployed and will always have loads of job opportunities your way. There are several industries offering python related jobs such as, aerospace, retail banking, insurance companies, hardware, business, finance, info-tech, healthcare, and software development. Therefore, if you think you are only basic at what you do, you can step up the corporate ladder and learn Python coding and there will be companies ready to hire you. Why these companies need Python coders is mainly because they need experts to analyse, operationalise, and manage data for them, and the fastest and most efficient way to do so is to hire someone who knows Python. These companies also offer more salaries to people who know python, and promise more growth than they promise to normal employees.

Learning Never Goes To Waste

Even if you are not tech related in anyway, learning Python helps you a lot in every aspect of your work or even personal life. This specific language will never make you feel like you wasted your time because of its demand and the handy everyday use. All you need to do is apply it on your daily tasks and watch how your tasks are automated.

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