How To Hide Stories On Instagram | Mastering The Art Of Selectively Hiding Instagram Stories

How To Hide Stories On Instagram | Mastering The Art Of Selectively Hiding Instagram Stories

How to hide stories on instagram: With over 500 million people using Instagram Stories daily, it has become one of the most popular ways for users to share moments from their lives. However, sometimes you can shield certain Stories from specific followers. Whether it is family members, co-workers, or particular groups of friends, hiding Stories from select people is possible. Here, we will explain the three main methods for learning to hide stories on Instagram like a pro.

Directly From The Stories Menu

The simplest and quickest way to learn how to hide stories on Instagram is through the Instagram Stories menu. A few years ago, Instagram first introduced Story settings, making it possible to control who sees each Story. Once a Story is posted, clicking the “More” option will reveal the “Story Settings” menu. Here, users can see how many people they have currently hidden Stories from under the “Hide Story from” section. Selecting this will display a list of all followers to hide the Story from.

Check the boxes next to the usernames of those who should not be able to view it before tapping the checkmark to save the changes. Now, just that one Story will be invisible to the selected profiles. A helpful tip on how to hide stories on Instagram is that any future Stories will remain hidden for those users until the settings are updated.

Hiding Stories From Specific Profiles

While the direct method of hiding stories on Instagram works well for current followers, it does not allow hiding Stories from profiles that do not already follow you. Luckily, Instagram provides another way to selectively shield stories from accounts, whether they follow you or not. First, go to the profile of the person the Story should be hidden from and tap the three-line “hamburger menu” in the top right corner. This will reveal a menu with an option to “Hide Your Story” from that account. Simply confirming the selection by tapping “Hide” does the trick. Now, Stories will not be visible to just that particular profile.

Showing Stories Only To Close Friends

For an even more focused approach, Instagram enables building a closed network of “Close Friends” to send select Stories. Access the hamburger menu in the profile again and look for the “Close Friends” feature. Here, suggested contacts can be added by tapping the “Add” button next to their name. Once the desired list is compiled, go to post a Story in the usual way. But instead of tapping the regular blue “Your Story” button, choose the pink “Close Friends” one. This ensures only those in the pre-approved Close Friends group can see that private Story.


By utilizing these three easy methods of hiding stories on Instagram, users have complete control over hiding stories from any profiles selectively and discreetly like a true professional. Whether you want to prevent specific followers, random accounts, or broad audiences from viewing ephemeral posts, a method works. With a bit of practice, you can curate the visibility of Stories down to a very niche group. By properly leveraging these story-hiding features, users can share privately with others within their comfort zone on Instagram.

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