A Comprehensive Guide To Accessing Deleted Reddit Threads

A Comprehensive Guide To Accessing Deleted Reddit Threads

Deleted Reddit Posts: Reddit is one of the most popular online forums, hosting discussions on everything from current events to niche interests. With millions of users actively posting and browsing content each day, inevitably, some submissions will eventually be removed. However, deleted Reddit posts can still provide useful context or spark interesting conversations. Fortunately for curious Redditors, there are reliable ways to uncover deleted threads and comments.

Why Posts Get Removed

Before delving into methods for accessing deleted Reddit posts, it’s important to understand why posts may be deleted in the first place. Posts can be removed by their original poster, moderators of a specific subreddit, or Reddit administrators. Users sometimes delete their posts if they change their minds or receive overwhelmingly negative feedback from other Redditors. Moderators regularly sweep threads to eliminate low-quality submissions or comments that break a subreddit’s rules. For serious violations, site-wide rules are enforced by Reddit admins. Common issues leading to post removals include spamming, threats of violence, spreading misinformation, or posting content illegal under US federal law, such as copyrighted material.

No matter the reason for deletion, deleted Reddit posts can still provide valuable context. For example, removed discussions offer insights into rules being enforced by moderators. Evaluating deleted submissions may also help users avoid common blunders that warrant post takedowns. With the right tools, curious readers can retrieve deleted Reddit posts to satisfy their interest or gain a fuller picture of an ongoing Reddit conversation.

The Best Option – Using Removeddit

The easiest and most reliable method for recovering deleted Reddit posts is the site Removeddit. Removeddit operates by automatically archiving posts and comments from various subreddits before they can be removed from the original Reddit pages. As long as a post was cached by Removeddit before being deleted, users can view the removed post content by substituting “removeddit” for “reddit” in the URL of the deleted thread.

For example, if a thread titled “Top Trading Strategies” were removed from the r/algotrading subreddit, the Removeddit link would be:


Removeddit colour codes deleted content for easy identification. Posts removed by moderators appear in red text, while content removed by the original user is displayed in blue. This distinction helps determine why a post was taken down. Removeddit also offers a bookmarklet tool allowing instant access to deleted threads with just one click from supported browsers. Overall, Removeddit has proven the most reliable method due to its extensive caching of deleted Reddit posts and intuitive interface.

The Wayback Machine As a Backup

If, by chance, Removeddit did not archive a deleted Reddit thread, the next option is to search for it on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine site. The Wayback Machine crawls websites to snapshot web pages over time, meaning it may have outdated records of Reddit threads containing now-removed content. However, due to Removeddit’s focused archiving of Reddit alone, it typically has better luck retrieving deleted posts. Still, searching the Wayback Machine archives can yield results in rare cases; Removeddit comes up empty-handed.

Using Ceddit As a Last Resort

When Removeddit and the Wayback Machine fail to uncover deleted Reddit posts, some users turn to an alternative site called Ceddit (Ceddit.com). Like Removeddit, Ceddit aims to cache Reddit posts for viewing later if the originals are removed. With Ceddit, users simply swap the first “R” in “Reddit” for a “C” to try accessing deleted threads. However, Ceddit has faced SSL certificate issues, according to some users, making it a less stable choice than purely focusing searches through Removeddit’s proven methods first before considering other options.

Tips For Better Results with Deleted Post Retrieval

To maximize success in recovering deleted Reddit posts and comments, following some best practices can improve results:

  • Access removed threads as soon as possible after deletion for the highest chances of being archived. Removed it, and similar sites work best when little time has passed.
  • Use accurate full URLs of deleted posts – incomplete links may not retrieve the intended thread.
  • Try different browsers if a site like Removeddit fails in one. Cached content accessibility can vary slightly.
  • Note: Removeddit may not capture edited posts; only full deletions are allowed. Edited text may still be missing.
  • Save direct links to Removeddit pages bookmarked for easy future access.
  • Check removal reasons – some deletions like doxxing should not be re-shared further.
  • Report any technical errors on Removeddit pages to help improve deletion recovery services over time.


Removeddit, the Wayback Machine, and Ceddit (in emergencies) offer viable solutions for readers curious about deleted Reddit posts and comments. With a bit of tech-savvy and diligence, removed posts can still be uncovered using these methods, providing helpful additional data even after being taken down from Reddit itself. Knowledge of how and why content disappears from the site aids in better understanding Reddit as a whole.

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